May 13

Planning To Lose Weight Read This!

contentLosing Weight Is Possible For A Healthy New You

This article was put together to teach you shed the pounds as simply as possible. This will help you to correctly follow any weight loss plan. Using this guidance will prove that weight loss is not as daunting as you might have thought.

A great weight loss method involves simple tracking of how many calories from fat you consume each day. Cut out any fatty foods where you can. You can also want to substitute foods that are fatty with less calories.

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Nov 20

Making the Most of Menopause

Doctor, won’t you please tell me – should I take HRT?’ There is no correct answer. It depends on your individual situation.

Significant research on the benefits and drawbacks of hormone therapy has been conducted worldwide. Unfortunately, it mostly resulted in misinformation. Although there were some unexpected findings, the results were not nearly as dramatic as portrayed.

I remember medical school gynecological lectures back in the mid ’90s. I recall the professor’s emphatic words: -Unless contraindicated, HRT is mandatory for all menopausal women.’ This meant that unless you had a medical reason not to go onto HRT, you should be encouraged to go on it. It made perfect sense. HRT keeps your bones strong, alleviates the symptoms of menopause and the scientific consensus was that it had a protective effect on the heart and prevented certain cancers.

Menopause is a process that can begin from two to 10 years before your last period and the symptoms may continue for upwards of five years. Symptoms include hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, depression, foggy head, insomnia, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence. Menopause is a deficiency or total absence of oestrogen. This hormone is vital in maintaining tissue elasticity and strength. Declining levels cause wrinkles as you age and thinning of tissues and muscles in the vagina and urinary tract.

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Nov 20

Positive and Negative Effects of Prenatal Vitamins

Even though generally known as prenatal vitamins, dietary supplements produced for expecting women have mineral deposits apart from vitamins too. A woman’s dietary requirements alter a great deal during pregnancy, because the requirement for calcium, iron and folic acid improvement a great deal. These nutrition are completely necessary for the unified improvement of the fetus and the infant’s evolution into a healthy adult.

Additionally to recommending prenatal vitamins, specialists additionally suggest that you simply set up a well-balanced diet plan and a wholesome exercise program prior to becoming pregnant. There are mainly 2 ways to complement you diet plan: create a list of must-have meals and include these within your diet plan to obtain all-natural sources of prenatal vitamins. Another way consists of the management of synthetic nutrition, however in that situation you’ve to use these in the amounts suggested by the doctor.

There is a high variety of multivitamin combinations available plus they vary depending around the dietary concentration. For instance, you will find prenatal vitamins that have a higher concentration of iron to meet the needs of women with iron-deficiency anemia. Some such special prenatal vitamins are available only prescription-based. Nevertheless, the number of over-the-counter dietary supplements is incredibly high too. That’s why you should talk to your doctor and select properly.

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Nov 19

Tips To Stimulate A Womans G-spot

The G-Spot is a special gland located inside the vaginal canal. The G-spot varies in women of all ages and sizes. Some women may have a smaller gland and others may have a more sensitive and prominent gland. Finding the magical spot is an art and takes time and patience. Some people are naturally skilled at finding the right spot but others may not be.

One thing women should always remember is that when you cannot find the g-spot, you must try again. Simply because it is difficult to locate or feel, it doesnt mean that you are dysfunctional or different. Every body is made differently; therefore different results will take place.

If you want to stimulate the g-spot then you can go a few different routes:

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Nov 16

Factors Affecting Stress Relief For Women

Women experience more stress than ever. They are more active than ever before and have far more to do in the process of a day than ever before. With all of the things to do, there is even more stress to deal with. Women need stress relief more than ever. When it comes to stress, it can be hard to deal with and if it isnt taken care of, women can experience major health problems in the long run. Not to mention that if you already have health problems, stress can make things even worse.

Given the very different chemical and hormonal make-ups of the two genders, women’s health has emerged as a very specific branch of medical research. Thanks to all of this research, better and better answers have emerged for the problems that women of all ages face. The growing knowledge and popularity of womens health issues have spawned an entire product line of supplements and things that are specifically designed for women.

Doctors have found out that the natural estrogen that a womans body produces can be effectively replaced, thus reducing the difficult symptoms of menopause. Research has shown that stimulating a woman’s natural progesterone levels is particularly beneficial in numerous ways, most notably regarding troublesome conceptions. Even osteoporosis, which threatens all older women, has become a lot clearer in recent years.

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Nov 16

Menopause And Hair Loss

Menopause causes many biochemical changes in your body and often menopause and hair loss occur simultaneously. Rather menopause causes hair loss in women. Although women rarely turn bald due to menopause and hair loss, it occurs mainly as thinning of hair. Before menopause, high estrogen levels negate the effects of low testosterone levels. However, during menopause, higher testosterone levels combine with enzyme 5 alpha reductase to form DHT, the main cause for thinning of hair in women.

Statistics on Menopause and Hair Loss

More than twenty-five million American women experience emotional distress due to menopause and hair loss. Only thirteen percent of women experience hair loss before menopause. However, this increases to thirty seven percent, which highlights the relationship between menopause and hair loss. Such hair loss is an overall thinning of hair, especially around the forehead and crown of the scalp.

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